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Задание 52.
Present Perfect or Past simple?
1.It(not snow) this week
2.(see) the news on television
3.Mike(leave) school in 1999
4.I dont know where my brother is.You(see) him?
5.Where is your key? I dont know.I(lose) it
6.We (visit) the local museum the other day
7.Ann is on holiday.She (go) to France
8.When the last train (leave)
9.Would you like something to eat? No,thanks.I just (have) lunch
10.The weather (be) good when you (be) on holiday?
11.We (not see) each other for a long time
12.Its the most interesting book I ever (read)
13.He (drink) too much coffee today
14.What you (do) at the weekend?
15.John is hungry.He (not eat) anything since breakfast
16.She (not go) to the library three days ago
17.How long you (know) Bill?
18.Olga always (want) to visit Great Britain
19.You (hear) from Jack recently?
20.Mark Twain (live) in the state of Missouri

It hasn't snowed this week.
You saw the news on television last night.
Mike left school in 1999.
I don't know where my brother is. Have you seen him?
Where is your key? I don't know. I have lost it.
We visited local museum the other day.
Ann is on holiday. She has gone to France.
When did the last train leave?
Would you like something to eat? No, thanks. I have just had lunch.
The weather was good when you were on holiday?
We haven't seen each other for a long time.
It is the most interesting book I have ever read.
He has drunk too much coffee today.
What did you do at the weekend?
John is hungry. He hasn't eaten anything since breakfast.
She didn't go to the library three days ago.
How long have you known Bill?
Olga always wanted to visit Great Britain.
Have you heard from Jack recently?
Mark Twain lived in the state of Missouri.

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